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Hi I’m Adrian Law from and this is Frankie.

Apart from being very cute the breeder we dealt with and the sales process if you will, was effortless, educational, real and we left feeling very happy having spent thousands of dollars on this little beauty just yesterday.

Today, I’m simply sharing how you can get a personalised and detailed shopping report on your own sales staff with absolutely no charge to yourself.

As you know a properly executed shop on your dealership is one of, if not the best way of truly knowing what your sales staff are really doing or not doing. You may even pay for a company to do shops for you, which can be good but here’s a different and I believe much better way to look at it.

Seller or car salesman and client or customer in car dealershipAs a successful training organisation, all of our staff drive cars. We also buy cars and through some very disappointing, dealership experiences and in sharing our feedback with the sales manager or DP, leads for training have come our way.

Yes that’s one reason we are offering you a free shopping report but we also know what we are looking for when with how well the complete sales process has been conducted by not just your sales staff but also your business manager, aftermarket and your sales manager.

As you may know some of the paid shoppers are simply ticking boxes and depending on your size, location, our resources etc. We may not be able to help you with your training needs, even if we wanted to.

Therefore, a reason for our free shopping report which is as big as the first reason, is this:

We are determined to lift the quality of both the sales process and the service that a customer receives within dealerships to improve your CSI.

Hopefully your shopping report will be a positive one but if not I’m hoping that you will be able to get the necessary internal or external training to correct any issues.

You could be throwing money away so simply send a ‘Yes’ to and we’ll organise your personal & confidential shop asap.

Just with that, I personally want you to know that the information gained from the shop is 100% confidential and will not be shared with any other party.

So once again simply send a ‘Yes’ to and we’ll organise your personal & confidential shop asap.

I’m Adrian Law from bye for now.

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