• A Myth

  • Managers are not providing the adequate training to their staff as they thought. It is a myth. Watch the full video to know more.

  • Showtime

  • The very best sales people are able to turn it on when they need to. With this little strategy that I call showtime, the rest of your team can too. In this blog I share with you this and one other key component to selling 20+ cars a month

  • Selling to Customer 2.0 (Part 2)

  • In part 1, we looked at who is Customer 2.0, what attributes they have, what makes them tick and why you need to adapt, to get this type of customer onside.

    We looked at how Customer 2.0 processes information and how as a dealership you can use negative online comments to your advantage.

    In part 2 we will be focusing on meeting Customer 2.0 face to face and how your salespeople can keep control of the process whilst engaging this new breed of customer.

  • Selling to customer 2.0

  • Dealer Principals from around Australia keep asking me the same question. That question is this –

    “How do we add value and keep gross with today’s ultra informed customer?”

    In this edition I am going to address this important point for you.

    The Problem:

    The biggest challenge dealerships have faced in recent years is the advancement of the internet. These days we all carry a very powerful computer around in our pockets. This has led to a new breed of customer, who I like to call Customer 2.0.

    The question is does Customer 2.0 need a dealer at all?

  • How to know what your sales staff are really doing..

  • We just bought a puppy and apart from being very cute the breeder we dealt with and the sales process if you will, was effortless, educational, real and we left feeling very happy having spent thousands of dollars on this little beauty just yesterday.

    Today, I’m simply sharing how you can get a personalised and detailed shopping report on your own sales staff with absolutely no charge to yourself.

  • How to Get a Client Commitment

  • To be a top sales person, yes you need to get the customer to agree to buy your car. But in this article I’m going to share with you how getting client commitment starts very early on in your Road to a Sale process. Hi, I’m Adrian Law and a mistake that far too many sales people in this industry make, is attempting to get strong client commitment as early as step one of the process.

  • Effective Follow Up Techniques

  • Most managers tell their sales people to have a reason to follow up their customers. In this blog I’m going to share with you why that’s not enough, and how each sales person can get a couple of extra deals per month through using effective follow up techniques. Yes you have to have a reason to call but as a top sales coach for over the last 15 years, I’ve learnt that having a game plan and an outcome before you pick up the phone are even more important.

  • 4 Steps to Be a 6 Position Sell Champ

  • What separates the sales guns from everyone else? In this blog we share with you what they are and also outline a 4 step process to be a 6 Position Sell Champ.

  • Automotive Sales Benchmarks

  • In this blog you will discover a big frustration of mine that is probably costing you deals + The very best tool for improving your sales teams performance and how it integrates with the automotive sales benchmarks.

  • How to Increase Your Gross

  • When I speak to sales people and sales managers, a lot of them are saying that it’s much harder to make gross and are struggling with that recently.

    They are mainly blaming the internet and customers shopping harder than ever before.

    I actually disagree. I think it comes down to the strategies that your sales managers and sales people are using; or should I say NOT using..

    In this blog I will share with you 3 very effective strategies to increase your gross

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